Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quotable for July

It is only within a particular social system that a system of education has any meaning. If education today seems to deteriorate, if it seems to become more and more chaotic and meaningless, it is primarily because we have no settled and satisfactory arrangement of society, and because we have both vague and diverse opinions about the kind of society we want. Education is a subject which cannot be discussed in a void: our questions raise other questions, social, economic, financial, political. And the bearings are on more ultimate problems even than these: to know what we want in education we must know what we want in general, we must derive our theory of education from our philosophy of life.

~from a little-known T.S. Eliot essay, "Modern Education and the Classics"  

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  1. Excellent, much to think about as lesson plans for upcoming school year take shape. Thanks for posting.